The Ultimate Art Deco Vector Pack

Download more than 1,000 Art Deco graphics, vectorized by hand from genuine sources printed in the 1920s. Easily create distinctive designs and give an elegant "Great Gatsby" style to wedding invitations, packaging or posters.


Art Deco Frames

Download 130 decorative frames, ready to use for any vector graphic software, and 145 border brushes for Illustrator. Easily create customized frames by mixing the 600 vector parts provided.

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Illustrations and Ornaments

Download 170 stylized Art Deco illustrations and ornaments, vectorized from genuine sources printed in the 1920s. They're the bee's knees!

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Seamless Art Deco Patterns

Download 110 vector seamless patterns, that you can apply to backgrounds in just a click with Illustrator. If you use other vector software, you can easily build patterns from the sources we provide.

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Timeless Design

The Art Deco style was incredibly popular during the Roaring Twenties. It's a unique combination of futurism aesthetic, geometric cubist art and Egyptian revival. Combining the past and the future with elegance, it's a modern and optimistic style. Perfectly suited for stylish and distinctive designs, it has become ever more popular. Especially since the "Great Gatsby" movie was released last year.

Create your customized frames

Easily design your own decorative frames by mixing hand-vectorized parts from genuine typographic sets used in the Art Deco era.

Apply patterns in a click

The 110 patterns are provided as Illustrator swatches. Apply them in a click to any shape. If you use a different vector graphic software, you can build your own swatches from our seamless patterns.

Easily create decorative borders

With illustrator, you can easily add decorative borders using the 145 border brushes provided. Apply to any circle, square or rectangle vector shape and change the border width in a click.

Bonus: 30 Customizable Specimens

Examples of designs created with the Art Deco Pack. All are included in the pack as editable vector sources. Fonts not included.

Vectorized from genuine sources

We've collected the best typographic sources from the 20s and 30s, and vectorized by hand these Art Deco ornaments, frames and patterns.

Download 1,000 Art Deco Vectors

Create distinctive designs with the biggest Art Deco Pack ever released: 275 Decorative Frames, 170 Illustrations and Ornaments, 110 Seamless Patterns.

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What's included in the Art Deco Pack?

  • Version For Illustrator:
  • - 130 Decorative Vector Frames (AI)
  • - 600 Vector Elements to create Decorative frames (AI)
  • - 145 Vector Border Brushes for Illustrator (AI)
  • - 170 Vector Illustrations & Ornaments (AI)
  • - 110 Seamless Patterns Swatches for Illustrator (AI)
  • - Bonus: More than 30 customizable specimens (AI)
  • Version For Other Vector Software:
  • - 130 Decorative Vector Frames (EPS)
  • - 600 Vector Elements to create Decorative frames (EPS)
  • - 145 Vector Elements to create Borders (EPS)
  • - 170 Vector Illustrations & Ornaments (EPS)
  • - 110 Vector Elements to create swatches (EPS)
  • - Bonus: More than 30 customizable specimens (EPS)

30-day Money-back Guarantee

We put all our love and passion into building this Art Deco Pack, and we believe it will be extremely useful for you. If you're not convinced in the first 30 days, contact us and we'll refund you 100% of what you paid. No questions asked.