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Illustrations Volume N°3

A monumental collection of american graphic illustrations from the Victorian era. Thousand of graphics carefully vectorized from the mythical "Electrotype Type Specimens" - James Conner's sons foundry (1888): Angels, wines, arts & photography, boots, carnival, religion & Christian symbols, sports...


You can use these free vectors for any commercial work.

–   Included In The Full vector Pack   –

Thousands of Vintage Illustrations

Preview all the vector illustrations, auto-traced by software from the best historical sources.

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See What Designers Are creating Using Our Vintage vectors

Right now, designers are rediscovering ornament from the past and relearning how to use it. Vectorian gives access to some of these ornamental riches by tracing and redrawing originals as digital vector files. See what designers are creating with it!
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Vintage Style Guide

Learn How To Select And Use Vintage Ornaments

'Victorian' (technically 1837-1901) designates an era when many designers and artisans were intensely interested in ornament. It was a time of global exploration, and when the art and design of distant cultures made headway into the mass culture of Europe, England, and the United States for the first time. Here is a brief guide to a selection of vintage ornament, along with tips on when to use it.
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